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Show Brochure 2018

Fitness, Food, Fun, Active Ageing

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Facilities, Long Care 2.0, Finance, Caring Service

System, Technology, Equipemt

Taiwan’s biggest international trade fair 

with focus on healthcare and wellness 

products & services for senior people!

Wearable gadgets, eHealth platform, tracking, diagnostic, nursing, physiotherapy, lifting equipment, wheel chairs, injury-prevent facility

Remote control medical/caring system, senior friendly facilities, obstacle-free facility, smart housing, insurance, eldercare training, financial and investment services, mobility and Safety 

Sports, exercise, supplements, nutrition, wellness, beauty, anti-ageing, lifelong learning

Taiwan's society is aging fast, and will meet the criteria for an “aged society” in 2018 when 14.5% of the population is age 65 or over, 
and a “super-aged society” in 2026 with 20.6% aged 65+ population!